Viral: American model poses in front of her father’s open coffin, brutally trolled, Entertainment News


A Miami influencer and model has been criticized on social media after mourning her father’s death on Instagram with a series of photos posing in front of her father’s open coffin.

Jayne Rivera recently took to Instagram to say goodbye to her dad and wrote: “Butterfly is flying away. Rip Papi, you were my best friend. A life well lived.” In the photos, Jayne, all smiles, was seen wearing a revealing black suit dress. In one of the photos she appears praying and in the other she is simply posing confidently with all the right impressions.

Soon after she shared the photos, they went viral and immediately drew criticism from netizens, with many calling her for being “disrespectful” to her late father.

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She would have deactivated her Instagram account which had more than 85,000 subscribers.

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In response to his post, a social media user wrote: “I am horrified at the level of superficiality displayed here.”

“Call me a prudish man, but I never remember seeing an off-the-shoulder outfit at a funeral, let alone posing in front of the coffin!” another wrote.


“This Instagram model’s father has passed away and she did a photoshoot with the casket open,” one user wrote. Meanwhile, others have described it as “the most gruesome Instagram post”


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