The model poses for the Insta photo in business class, is exhibited by passengers


Influencers must influence.

An Instagram model was caught trying to cover up her followers’ eyes after posing for photos in the business class section of a plane when she was actually seated in economy class.

Instagramer Oceane El Himer tried to trick her 846,000 followers into believing she was leading a more lavish lifestyle than she actually was by posting a photo of herself in a lounge area luxury in business class on a Dubai-Monaco flight.

However, after posting the photo of her wearing a rather unique outfit in business class, another passenger on the flight recognized her sitting in economy class, wearing the exact same recognizable clothing. What a pity.

In the age of smartphones, everyone is a photographer, and you can’t get away with something like that today, Océane.

She should own economy class, brag about it. Don’t be ashamed to sit in the normal seats like 99% of people. Also have them participate in the photo. Be an influencer of the people Océane!

And you’re only going to get scolded for your deception anyway. When you have nearly 850,000 Instagram followers, wear purple joggers, and mysteriously disappear into business class for 5 minutes, you’re going to get noticed.

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