Pakistani model poses “bareheaded” in front of Kartarpur gurudwara, arouses anger

A Pakistani model sparked a social media storm after posing in front of Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara in Shakargarh, Narowal district in Pakistan’s Punjab province. What created the controversy was the fact that she posed bareheaded in front of a Sikh temple, where it is important to keep your head covered as it symbolizes that someone else is more powerful and respectable. that we.

Pakistani media reported Mannat, an online women’s ready-to-wear brand in Pakistan, recently held a photoshoot at the Kartarpur Sahib complex with models posing with their backs to the gurdwara.

The fashion brand posted several photos from the photoshoot on its social media account and that’s how the photos went viral.

Many people from the Sikh community began to criticize the images to hurt their religious feelings. Many even called the images “shameful” and “shocking” and asked the label to remove the images immediately.

Punjab police have since launched an investigation into the case. The investigation was launched after an Indian Sikh journalist, Ravinder Singh Robin, highlighted the case on Twitter.

“Bare-headed modeling for women’s clothing, at the premises of Gurdwara Sri Darbar Sahib in #KartarpurSahib in Pakistan, by a Lahorite woman has (seriously) hurt the religious feelings of Sikhs,” he posted on the media. social.

Punjab Police tweeted that they are “investigating all aspects of this incident and that strict legal proceedings will be taken against [those] responsible”.

“(The) management of the relevant make and model is under investigation. Places of worship of all religions are equally respectable,” he said.

The label has now removed the pictures and claimed that the model provided them with the pictures. The model, Sauleha, apologized to Instagram and wrote: “Recently I posted a photo on Instagram that wasn’t even part of a shoot or anything. I just went to Kartarpur to learn more about the history and get to know the Sikh community. This was not done to hurt anyone’s feelings or anything for that matter. However, if I hurt anyone or if he thinks I don’t respect his culture I’m sorry. And I just saw people taking pictures and I took a lot of Sikh pictures there too. I wouldn’t have done that initially . I RESPECT SIKH CULTURE VERY MUCH AND I AM SORRY TO THE WHOLE SIKH COMMUNITY. These photos were just a part of a memory that I went there. Nothing more nothing less. However, in the future, I will always be clearer about these things and I will refrain from doing such acts. Please share it so people know it was not intentional. vs)”

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