Model poses on terrifying cliff spire in scariest glamor photoshoot you’ve ever seen


With a huge, flowing dress acting almost like a sail in the strong winds, one model braved one of the most daring and biting photoshoots you’ve ever seen.

Kristina Marie Folcik-Welts teetered on a cliff spire as gusts threatened to blow her up.

Kristina even had to camp on The Eaglet’s spire in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, USA overnight in preparation for the jaw-dropping two-day shoot.

But as terrifying as it sounds, photographer Jay Philbrick made sure she was securely attached to the rock at all times.

Kristina had to contend with strong gusts of wind while filming

Kristina Marie Folcik-Welts modeling atop The Eaglet, New Hampshire
Kristina had to camp overnight at the spire to prepare for the shoot

The 62-year-old – who has hosted daredevil shoots with his wife Vicki Philbrick for the past 12 years – said: “It was very windy on both days and we were having trouble managing the dress.

“She couldn’t blow, but we thought the wind would be a problem.

“In the end, some of the more spectacular shots were about the wind – it really worked out really well.”

Jay, from North Conway, New Hampshire, worked closely with mountain guide Marc Chauvin and clothing designer Alice Elizabeth Andrews Designs.

Kristina Marie Folcik-Welts modeling atop The Eaglet, New Hampshire
Marc Chauvin on L’Aiglon securing everything for the photoshoot

Jay, of Philbrick Photography, said: “There were five of us carrying all the gear to the base of the climb, but Marc, Kristina and I were the only ones on the set itself.

“The Eaglet session took an afternoon, a night and a morning because we wanted to have a pre-dawn shoot.

“We had already climbed it to make sure it was possible to get Kristina up there, with all the equipment.”

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