Model poses for the first time since losing her chin to cancer in these amazing photos


Elizaveta Bulokhova learned she had osteosarcoma, a form of cancer, a month after finding out she was pregnant. And now, months later, Bulokhova has had her first photoshoot since giving birth to a son and having surgery that removed 95% of her chin, as well as reconstructive surgery. . Daily mail reports. “Hope this helps people kiss and love each other,” Bulokhova told

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Bulokhova was first told by doctors that she had to terminate her pregnancy, as chemotherapy would be impossible otherwise. But Bulokhova decided to wait. “Not starting chemo on time reduces my risk of survival,” Bulokhova said. “I decided that whatever had to happen, I would accept it. I took it day by day.” Complications from Bulokhova’s first surgery delayed her chemo and she was able to give birth to her son, Valentin, via Caesarean section. And after finally undergoing chemotherapy, Bulokhova’s cancer is now in remission. “I can’t believe I’m a mom and have my own family,” she says.

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“It was amazing, like nothing had changed,” she said of the shoot, which she did with her son and boyfriend, Roman Troubetskoi. “It felt like I had moved on with my life like it was a year ago. It was really therapeutic for me, because every stay-at-home mom knew that time for yourself is a really precious moment on this day. – it was like a spa day for me. ”

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And it was important to Bulokhova that the photographer she worked with, Manolo Ceron, captured not only her new family, but also the changes she went through. “One thing I asked of Manolo was to show all my scars. I wanted to kiss them,” she said. “I think they’re pretty awesome, and my surgeon did an amazing job; they seem like an art to me.”

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“I want to remind people that you define beauty,” Bulokhova says. “The way you feel makes you beautiful, and if you love yourself, nothing can beat you, not even cancer. All your imperfections become perfect for you. The scars, the hairless body, they all remind you of how great you are. how strong you got over cancer. You become proud of who you are as a person, and it becomes much more important: inner strength and your ability to overcome whatever comes your way. I feel beautiful, so I am beautiful. “

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Make-up: Julia Stone

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