Marks & Spencer model poses in beautiful spring dress but shoppers say she’s ‘shapeless’

If Marks & Spencer shoppers love one thing, it’s shopping at Marks & Spencer. The retailer has it all: delicious food, reasonably priced clothing and its pancakes put Sainsbury’s and Asda to shame, let’s be real here.

But when they’re not shopping at M&S, fans love to kick off a speech under the Instagram posts from the retailer, and this week it was a photo of a blue dress that had them all in awe. The product was described by M&S as “designed for sunny spring days, which hopefully will return soon”, but some reviewers just didn’t have it and took the comments to express concern about one thing.

And that thing, ladies and gentlemen, was the color of the dress. While some shoppers fundamentally despised the deep shade of blue, others were more measured – suggesting they might buy the garment if it came in another shade.

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” Charming. Do you have other colors? asked a hopeful buyer. M&S kindly replied, “It’s lovely indeed! And the dress is available in two colors – blue and black!”

Another commented: “Absolutely awful. Shapeless. Go M&S. Your menswear is beautiful. Your food is fabulous. Guess we have to settle for two out of three or not.”

Some were actually quite enthusiastic about the color but were less enamored with the dress itself. One shopper wrote, “Just my opinion of course, but I’m afraid M&S has lost it when it comes to womenswear. I love the color of this dress but the style is dreadful!”

Another wrote: “Nope. Nice color and that’s it! Other stores are thriving. As always fabric and fit misses.”

It seems even Marks & Spencer can’t please everyone. (FYI the dress costs £39.50 and comes in sizes 12-22 short, 6-18 regular and 6-8 long).

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