Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s granddaughter does various model poses wearing colorful tutu (video)


Marjorie and Steve Harvey’s young granddaughter Rose recently showed off her modeling skills, and fans just couldn’t figure out how adorable she was.

Majorie Harvey is a proud grandmother! The fashion designer recently shared a video of her beautiful granddaughter Rose showing fans that she already has a knack for modeling even at a young age.

The clip showed Rose doing different model poses while her mom adorably cheered her on. The little one was beautifully dressed in jeans, a white sweater and a colorful tutu skirt.

Pink accessorized with a pair of striped socks. She wore her thick curly hair in two cute buns, giving her an overall adorable look to finish off the outfit.

While Rose’s first pose saw her standing with her arms outstretched, the next pose captured the adorably pouting little one with her hands over her heart.

Rose’s little brother Ezra also made an appearance, mimicking some of her sister’s poses. Dressed in a red t-shirt and camouflage pants, the toddler looked super adorable.

Marjorie captioned the video with only a smiley face, but fans and subscribers quickly took to the comments section gushing about Rose’s appearance and modeling skills.

While one user commented that the little one is a natural role model like her parents, another pointed out the striking resemblance of Rose and her famous grandmother.

Marjorie did not respond to criticism.

Rose is the first child of Marjorie’s son, Jason, and his wife, Amanda. In addition to their daughter, they are also parents to two beautiful sons, Ezra and Noah.

While Marjorie and her husband undoubtedly have busy schedules as public figures, the famous couple are never too busy spending time with their grandchildren or, even more, showing them off.

In January 2019, Marjorie shared a post of her granddaughters pulling up their shirts to nurse their dolls, and while some thought it was cute, many others had opposing views.

Some berated Marjorie, noting that men could see the post and that it was a mistake on her part to have shared it online. Others accused the proud grandmother of exposing the little girls.

Although Marjorie did not respond to criticism, some of her fans quickly came to her defense, noting that the critics were sexualizing something as natural as breastfeeding.

However, despite this, the couple managed to raise a happy stepfamily, and now Steve and Marjorie enjoy nothing more than taking care of their grandchildren.

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