Learn These Nine Model Poses Before Your Next Shoot


It doesn’t matter what type of photography you take; If you shoot people, knowing a few key pose ideas can really help take your footage to the next level.

I’m sure many of us have seen people grabbing us the second we were placed in front of the camera. Awkward or boring poses can’t be fixed in Photoshop later, so it’s important that you have a few pose suggestions up your sleeve if your subject is struggling to come up with ideas.

Lucky for us, the Mango Street team are back with another helpful video showing off nine model poses to use in a photoshoot. Although the subject of their video is female, I actually think a lot of their posing ideas could be used for both genders. For those who would like a collection of even more masculine pose suggestions, this video which is also from Mango Street is worth checking out.

What I particularly like about this video is its conciseness. Within minutes, you can pull out your phone while shooting and show your subject the clip to help kickstart the creative juice and save the day. Having a few videos like this in favorites is actually a good habit to make in my opinion. Not only can you get inspiration from this yourself, but having the option to send links to people in advance can really help prepare your topics in advance.

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