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For those who do not know too much what Crowdlending is, it may seem like trading money in the lottery, exactly where they think you have simply no idea about what will happen, when the SME or company getting the loan will come back the loan in time, if you possibly can choose in which company to take a position your money… for all these factors Crowdlending can be interpreted simply by people as investing profit the lottery. Nothing might be further from the truth.

Why is Crowdlending not really how to invest money in the particular lottery?

Why is Crowdlending not how to invest money in the lottery?

Investing profit a lottery means getting absolutely no idea of ​​what may happen, where you have even a little chance of winning the jackpot feature. There are many features of Crowdlending that will set it apart from trading money in the lottery.

The saver or even investor chooses the company, consequently , the purpose, to which to provide his money. When you commit money in the lottery, did you know exactly what the money you have invested is being used for?

Choose profitability for your money

Choose profitability for your money

Always below an optimum you can choose what success you want to get for your money. Sensation it a lot, by trading money in the lottery, chances of winning are very little.

A loan agreement is formalized where the SME is obliged to pay, 30 days by month generally, the particular installments of its loan, these types of installments are the capital plus interest that the investors which have participated will receive.

Diversify your expense to reduce risk

Diversify your investment to reduce risk

It does not take most successful option to ensure it is not to invest money in the lottery, study each mortgage, we give you the necessary equipment to value each mortgage and company to decide regardless of whether to invest or not, and shift the amount you are willing to spend together, between different financial loans, the more, the better.

With these characteristics it can be proven that investing in Crowdlending is just not like investing money in the particular lottery. <

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