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Big influencers are known to take photos and videos regularly to get engagement on their profiles.

Then there are the micro-influencers, people with a significant number of social media followers but smaller than those of a celebrity, who like to take pictures of themselves in random places just to keep their feed. news and their engaged subscribers.

While it’s not bad or unethical to work for engagement on social media, there are a few places and occasions where it’s best to keep the phone away and pause all blogging activity. or vlogging.

A funeral is one of those occasions. This is precisely why influencer Jayne Rivera, an influencer from Florida, has come under heavy criticism.

According to reports, Jayne posted a series of eight photos. One of them showed her smiling, another showed her hands clasped in prayer, and there was one she was looking over her shoulder in while looking away from the lens.

The so-called moving tribute to the missing has not been well received by Internet users. Many followers were appalled by the post, some even calling it “vile” and “disgusting”.

One user wrote: ‘Not cool Jayne, your dad was a decorated vet, a photo taken by his coffin should be under you. May he rest in eternal peace. “

“The fact that you are posting something like this tells us all we need to know about you,” wrote another.

Before deleting the account, she received numerous responses from users who told her to delete the photos and apologize for the post.

To limit the damage, she deactivated her account, which has 84,000 subscribers, but did not apologize or make a public statement.

She is also followed by over 3 lakh people on TikTok for her fashion and travel posts.

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