A Florida model poses in front of her father’s coffin during his funeral. Disgusting, says the internet


A Florida-based fitness model has found herself at the mercy of social media after sharing several photos on Instagram in which she was seen posing in front of her father’s coffin. Social media users rallied around Jayne Rivera and described her act as “sick” and “disgusting” in the comments section of her post which is currently unavailable on Instagram.

Jayne Rivera announced her father’s passing last week, The New York Post reports. Earlier on Monday, Jayne shared several photos of herself posing in front of her father’s coffin. The images went viral in no time, but for all the wrong reasons.

In the photos, Jayne, all smiles, was seen wearing a black tailored dress. “Butterflies fly away. Rip Papi, you were my best friend. A life well lived,” Jayne said in her post.

There was immense outrage soon after, as several sections considered his message to be “disrespectful”. Although Jayne deleted her post, social media users took screenshots of it and shared it on Twitter.

From the comments on her post, it’s clear that netizens weren’t in favor of the photos Jayne shared.

“Not cool Jayne, your dad was a decorated vet, a photo taken by his coffin should be under you. May he rest in eternal peace,” one user said, The New York Post reported.

“Vile and downright disgusting,” said another user. “The fact that you post something like this tells us everything we need to know about you. “

Some of his fans and followers, in fact, were furious.

“Jayne, delete these photos, apologize for your lack of discretion or I will stop following you and I hope others do the same,” wrote one furious fan while another added: “I don’t can’t get over it. ” Several users have also abandoned Jayne.

Jayne Rivera, before the “funeral photoshoot,” had more than 84,000 followers on Instagram. She is also a TikTok star with over 3 lakh followers.

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